Impressionism Art

This is a curated selection of impressionism art, including drawings, paintings and mixed media. Impressionism art is primarily defined by portraying an impression of the subject with a focus on light, color and mark making. The varied artistic mediums are used in rapid and broken movements along with thoughtfully placed tones of color, often applied side-by-side with little mixing. The style is predisposed to evoke emotions, ideas and moods in the viewer.

The following artworks are primarily portraits drawn and painted in a variety of mediums and impressionistic styles that help create unique interpretations of the person or character. Layered and deliberate marks of color are mixed with contrasting chaotic lines to create tension. The calm building of forms and energetic application of mediums often tow a line between creation and destruction. While the impressionistic style is nurtured to develop form, an abstract undercurrent using color, tone, and texture helps convey emotion.

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