Portrait Art

This is a curated selection of portrait art, including drawings, paintings and mixed media. Portrait art is a representation of a specific human subject primarily focused on the face and expression. The artworks are drawn and painted in a variety of mediums and styles that help create unique interpretations of the person.

Particular attention is paid to the position and line weight of the eyes, nostrils and mouth, while allowing more freedom of expression in surrounding areas. Some of the portraits are rendered in more detail, while others take advantage of the viewer’s predisposition to experience pareidolia, which is the psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in random stimuli. Although the portrait artworks are not all random lines and color, certain areas of the artworks are intentionally vague and abstracted in order to gently spur the viewer’s imagination to interpret facial features, expressions and resulting emotions subconsciously. This helps to create a unique art viewing experience for every observer, similar to the way all people see and experience each other differently.

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